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Technical Customer in Saint-Petersburg

Technical Customer in construction engineering. Services, Functions, Technical Customer Work Contracts. We provide services in Saint-Petersburg and the region.

Technical Customer and Their Role in Investment Projects for Construction

Definition of Technical Customer has appeared in the Town-building Code of Russian Federation rather recently and is entered by the Federal Law No. 337 of November, 28 2011. According to article 1 item 22 of the Town-building Code of Russian Federation Technical Customer in construction engineering is a physical person acting on a professional basis or legal entity authorized by the Builder who on behalf of the Builder signs agreements on engineering studies, on project documentation elaboration, on construction, reconstruction, overhaul of permanent facilities, sets tasks for accomplishment of the specified works, provides the persons carrying out engineering researches and (or) performing preparation of the project documentation with construction, reconstruction, overhaul, materials and documents necessary for specified works, approves project documentation, signs documents necessary for the commissioning permission, performs other functions described in the Town-building Code of Russian Federation. The Builder has the right to perform functions of the Technical Customer independently.

Technical Customer’s requirements

To define the role of Technical Customer in a construction industry it is necessary to consider the fact that the legislator has put certain responsibilities on the Builder. For example, according to articles 51 and 55 of the Town-building Code of Russian Federation only the Builder can receive construction license and permission to commissioning of any properties. But the Builder can authorize the third party to execute the Technical Customer’s functions by issuing a letter of attorney and an agreement on the Technical Customer services. It definitely involves certain expenses for this work, however, as practice shows, to hire the Technical Customer who has an experience in this field is cheaper, than to gain experience by trials and errors.


Technical Customer’s Main Functions

  • Obtaining and confirmation of a complete set of initial permit documentation;
  • Receipt of specifications on access to engineering communications;
  • Pre-design construction documents management, obtaining of State Expertise approval.
  • Organization of tenders for General contractor;
  • Receipt of construction license;
  • Construction management;
  • As-built documentation management;
  • State supervision relationship management;
  • Construction compliance monitoring;
  • Commissioning, State commission and obtaining of statement of conformity;
  • Help in recruiting of operating companies.

Technical Customer’s Obligations

Legislator has set the list of Technical Customer’s rights and obligations. If the Builder has their own Technical Customer service then it is essential to take into consideration that in case the Builder fulfils the functions of Technical Customer then according to the Order 624 of Regional Development Ministry of Russian Federation from 30/12/2009 they have to get a license in self-regulatory organization, which is rather expensive since it is necessary to meet demands stated in the article 55.5 of Town-building Code of Russian Federation or in Decree 207 of the Government of Russian Federation from 24/03/2011 for technically complicated, highly dangerous and unique facilities and also to pay fee for compensation fund of the self-regulatory organization. Also according to the article 16 of the Town-building Code of Russian Federation to obtain the status of the Builder one has to have just a land plot and it is financially beneficial to put the expenses for obtaining the status of Technical Customer on to another juridical person. It is highly effective to use Technical Customer services in construction engineering for project management and for construction management if the Builder has little experience in investment projects for construction, reconstruction or overhaul.

Technical Customer Services

Having entered into an agreement with DSR International Consulting Group for Technical Customer services the Builder can be relieved form the majority of complicated tasks, and at the same time keeps the authority for making the key decisions!

Agreement with Technical Customer allows managing any investment projects from their inception through the built property commissioning.

We invite organizations and interested persons in Saint-Petersburg to become partners. As Technical Customer we will expertly fulfill all necessary objectives and tasks.