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Finance Department

услуги финансового отделаGeneral directions of the finance department

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Technical consulting



Services of technical supervision and an independent engineer-consultant of investment projects realized in the territory of Finland


Involvement of technical supervision engineers allows to provide high quality of construction works, namely:


  • to prevent overestimate of cost of construction expenses
  • to exclude the latent defects of designs and engineering networks
  • to provide using of qualitative materials
  • to guarantee full observance of construction norms and rules of Finland by contractors;
  • to provide implementation of the project within the established period and the budget. 

Our engineers have the higher construction education of leading higher education institutions of Finland, high qualification, a wide experience of work in construction and are fluent both Finnish, and Russian languages.


According to construction norms of Finland before beginning house or cottage construction the builder has to employ the responsible foreman which tasks include ensuring observance of technical requirements and construction conditions, maintaining and registration of working and as-built documentation, working with the inspector of municipality, control of safety and quality of production of construction works. We will be glad to offer you services of the responsible foreman on your object.


• Technical audit and construction technical expertize of real estate and construction objects


  • assessment of objects condition
  • analysis of legality of construction and compliance of its initial permissivedocumentation
  • appraisal of quality of construction
  • assessment of physical and functional wear of objects


• Design and engineering


  • Development of architectural concepts
  • Design and engineering of objects of any complexity and scale
  • Project maintenance at all stages of its realization (coordination of initial permissivedocumentation, obtaining the construction license, performance of functions of the customer builder, completion and commissioning of objects)
  • Ecological maintenance of projects of civil and industrial function (ecological audit/monitoring)



• Management of real estate in Finland


o   Operation and real estate maintenance


  • BudgetingTechnical operation: organization of providing systems work  and maintenance of a continuity of functioning of object, cleaning, protection, etc.
  • Technical maintenance and re-planning
  • Long-term planning of service


o   Services of financial management and reporting


  • Marketing and PR
  • Working with tenants and buyers, negotiating and conclusion of contracts
  • Control of performance of contracts
  • The block of financial tasks, including development and monitoring of the financial plan
  • Accounting

Судебно-техническая экспертиза

Наша компания предлагает весь спектр услуг. Профессиональное осуществление судебной строительно-технической экспертизы в Арбитражных судах, решение споров между хозяйствующими субъектами. 

Подробнее - Судебная строительно-техническая экспертиза