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Investment Project Management

Investment Project Management in construction engineering is a service that is successfully provided by DSR International Consulting Group

Investment Project Management for construction allows:

• to build an optimum structure of the project (identify the main stages, benchmarks, key evaluation criteria)

• to allocate volumes and appoint terms of specific works, calculate provisional dates of project completion, regularly design integrated implementation schedules, to calculate volumes of necessary resources

• to calculate construction project budget

• to manage quality of design solutions, used resources and components

• to provide provisional planning and risk analysis

• to manage project implementation

In investment projects for construction we use advanced systems of scheduling, modern algorithms of development, management and project implementation control, actual solutions for construction projects management using cartographic information. Individual specialist is often not able to manage effectively big and expensive construction projects with a large number of organizations and human resources involved.

Only a project team of educated and experienced professionals, whose key competence is investment construction project management, is able to build up an optimal structure of communication and work.

DSR International Consulting Group possesses significant experience in dealing with investment construction projects in different spheres. To carry out a project we form a special managing team able to handle the whole range of issues connected with construction project management. Each team headed with the project manager is absolutely independent and keeps in touch with the Client on daily basis. Such management approach is a prerequisite and guarantee that Investor’s requirements will be met during each construction stage.

Our company provides (fully or partly) the following services in investment project management:

Functional design:

• quick survey of existing properties (physical characteristics, legal status) and the nearest environment
• analysis of the location
• clarification of the Client’s goals
• analysis of the best and most effective use of the real estate properties
• analysis of functions appropriate for the property (profit and expenses, priorities and synergy of functions, basic options)
• functional design of development
Marketing support and business planning:
• marketing research and market forecasting
• marketing concept of development (functionality), prices for sale/rents and management concept of the built properties
• sales/rent project management, including identification of customers/tenants target groups
• PR coverage
• advertising campaigns planning and organization
• investment project business planning


• price policy
• pre-leasing of commercial projects during design stage
• commercial and residential properties sales during construction stage
• leasing of commercial property during operational stage
• commercial property sales for business

Design management:

• tender for the General designer

• creation, coordination and confirming of work agreement with the winner of the tender

• execution control of the Architect’s obligations, including monitoring of compliance with designing schedule

• agreements with specialized design organizations

• obtaining of the initial-permissive documentation

• benchmark data monitoring for design: evaluation of sufficiency and reliability of data and obtaining of missing information

• necessary examinations, studies and research

• negotiations with the owners of neighboring properties

• taking part in making design solutions, feasibility studies, correction and confirming of design solutions

• obtaining of necessary legal approvals concerning design documentation and future construction

• confirmation of technical conditions

• preparation and submission of design documentation to state expertise, obtaining of building permission

• organization and control over the preparation of the construction site

• legal support of designing process

Construction management:

• preliminary study of the project, planning 

• identification and time management of critical path, network graph design

• optimization of design, technological, quality and cost solutions

• study and use of new materials and construction techniques

Budget management

• Optimization of construction finance

• Contractor’s offers expertise

• Current financial statements management


• Identification of project responsibility matrix

• Building of project management structure

Technical support

• Feasibility studies

• Obtaining of benchmark data for design

• Technical conditions for connecting with engineering communications

Construction management 

• Construction control

Our prices are identified after the thorough study of the project and Client’s requirements. Integral approach to project management minimizes risks and provides meeting appointed dates within fixed budget.