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Due Diligence

This service is in high demand during purchasing, sale, or making investments, and allows the user:

• to assess reliability of information provided by a vendor`s management, a customer, or an investee;
• to define financial, legal, technological, tax, and other risks that a target company might have, and to elaborate a plan of dealing with such risks.

We recommend investees to conduct a pre-investment study of an investment facility prior to negotiation. This will allow them to accelerate negotiation with potential investors and find more investors; that is, they may get a price quote from several potential investors rather than just from one.

Kinds of Due Diligence:

• Financial and tax Due Diligence

• Legal Due Diligence

• Marketing and Operational Due Diligence

• Technical Due Diligence (in real estate development projects)

The results of Due Diligence procedures will enable you to:

• objectively define the deal price during negotiation

• to build up a system of guarantees for the parties involved

• to formulate the plan of integrating the target company into the acquirer`s business

Basic constituents of Due Diligence:

• Financial and economic expert evaluation of a business

• Assessment and analysis of financial and economic activity of a business

• Consulting in accounting and taxation

• Elaboration of methods for accounting in an organization

• Creation of tax ledgers

• Counseling in creation and presentation of financial accounting in accordance with the IFRS standards

• Counseling in optimization of taxation of legal entities

• Counseling in protection of interests during tax disputes in tax authorities and arbitration courts