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Finance Department

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Representation in arbitration court


During professional activity of the companies and individual entrepreneurs quite often there are various types of disputes and conflict situations. To reason the opinion in court it is independent without relying on opinion of the independent expert most often means to incur unreasonable expenses of time and money in the absence of guarantees of positive result.
DSR International Consulting Group offers the professional technical and consulting assistance in achievement of successful permission of proceeding.

Our experts analyze in detail each concrete disputable situation to give an independent assessment for drawing up claim requirements.

Our company carries out judicial representation by the following types of judicial disputes:

1. Determination of amounts of performed work
2. Determination of cost of the performed works
3. Determination of quality of the performed works.

Выявление предпринимательских рисков

Предлагаем услугу Due Diligence, которая поможет выявить, избежать или максимально снизить существующие предпринимательские риски.