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Our partners





Finedu Finland

Adress: c/оTalonrakennusteollisuus, Kouvolankatu 30 B 12, Kouvola.

The found of development of construction and housing and communal services of "Finedu Finland" is founded by the Union of the building industry, the largest construction companies and educational institutions of Finland in 2009. The main objectives of Fund are financing and implementation of the international programs and the projects aimed at the development of construction branch, system of professional and additional professional education in Russia.





Edustroi Finland Oy

Adress: Kouvolankatu 30 B 12, 45100 Kouvola.

Edustroi Finland Oy is the operational company of The fund of development of construction and housing and communal services of "Finedu Finland". Starting point of activity of Finedu Finland fund is professional development of the personnel of the companies at all levels. The fund includes educational institutions, associations of the enterprise of the construction industry of Finland. For members of fund the maximum nearness of vocational training to practice is especially important.




Avers Group

Adress: 197110, St.-Petersburg, Levashovsky pr., 13, lit. З.

Avers Group was established in St. Petersburg in 1995. Avers Group includes the companies, specializing in such areas, as an assessment, accounting, audit, analytics, legal, financial, administrative, investment and technical consulting. In the staff of Avers Group more than 200 employees who have the russian and international qualification work



Company ""

Adress: 197341, St.-Petersburg, Fermskoye Highway, 32, lit. A, room 94H. is a diversified outsourcing company providing consulting and customized solutions for industrial end-markets, distribution networks, logistics companies, construction and development companies. Founded in 2011, is headquartered in St.-Petersburg, Russia, with employees in several countries. We’re focusing on hiring certified only professionals and also developed an internal program for growing new ones within the company.
 лого норвикон Norvicon

Adress: Eteläkatu 21 53500, Lappeenranta, Finland.

Norvicon is a construction division of the Finnish travel agency Norvica Finland successfully working at the international market more than 10 years. The department specializes on country construction in Finland making use of long-term experience and knowledge of the market of real estate in Finland. Our employees got the higher construction education in Finland and are fluent both Finnish and Russian in languages. Primary activity of the Norvicon company is implementation of а construction project, as whole, from beginning to end - from site purchase to construction and service of ready real estate objects.
  The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (CFCI) 

The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (CFCI) is the general organization representing interests of contractors in the field of housing construction and special works, and also the companies in the sphere of the industry of building materials. Members of RT are more than 2.700 companies which personnel totals nearly 55.000 people. The trade turnover of the member companies of the Union makes as a whole over 10 billion euro.
RT together with the associations which are its part, is responsible for the general observance of interests of firms - the members and their service in questions of economic activity, technologies and standardization, and also policy on labor markets. Union task – assistance of profitable and long-term commercial activity of the members. In the work the Union considers needs of clients, environment and society.
RT is a part of the Central union of the industry and employers of Finland (EK) and is the fourth in size his member.

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  RATEKO - Training center of The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT

Training center of the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT – the special professional educational institution licensed by educational government bodies belonging to the central organization of builders - to the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT.
Task of training center of RATEKO - vocational training, professional development and personnel certification of construction branch. RATEKO also conducts researches and activities for development in the sphere of construction education. RATEKO carries out the activity in scales of all country.
RATEKO – "educational institution of a full complex of services" which carries out constructive cooperation with professional educational institutions, institutes of applied sciences and universities, and also with the public educational services.
RATEKO organizes training for all directions of the construction sphere, attracting as teachers of the best experts and masters.
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  RR & CO. Knowledge Centre Ltd

RR & CO. is internationally recognized consulting company in the field of grant funding established in 1991 in Slovenia. For 20 years, the company has been working with different Ministries, Municipalities, research organisations and different public and private bodies and companies. The company is known as steady, trustworthy and highly dedicated to creating added value to clients’ business.

Since 1999 RR & CO. Knowledge Centre Ltd. has been working on obtaining grants for its clients and itself. The list of RR&CO. clients includes research institutions such as universities and technological parks, public institutions (Ministries and Agencies) and representatives of the economy – large and small and medium sized enterprises.

RR & CO. has been present in the international market since 2007 in all West Balkan Countries and EU.

RR & CO. has participated as coordinator or partner in more than 27 projects in FP5, FP6, FP7, Eureka, national research programs and programs financed through the structural funds. 

  PDGE Project Development Group Europe

Iinternational consultants in the field of management of projects, based in Helsinki, Finland.

PDGE Project Development Group Europe focuses on developing national and international project activities, project evaluations as well as the facilitation and management of various development processes.

PDGE Project Development Group Europe serve their clients in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Croatian and Russian.