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New steps within cooperation in the field of the European project financing are defined


On the 22ndof August in Helsinki negotiations between the organizations DSR International Consulting Group, Project Development Group Europe and RR & CO. Knowledge Centre Ltd. (Slovenia) took place. Within negotiations potential directions of cooperation were revealed. Soon DSR International Consulting Group will present new services in attraction of financing of Russian-European projects in the sphere of science, innovations and new technologies.

New services of DSR International Consulting Group:

  • consultations on registration of demands for receiving European financing,
  • maintenance of process of projects implementation,
  • development of reporting documents.

In December 2013 in Kouvola it is planned to organize a seminar devoted to European cross-border cooperation programmes and sources of financing of joint projects will be organized.



Seminar subjects in Kouvola (draft 30.09.13)

EU funding for Research, Development and Innovations


Afternoon: from 15.00 to 18.00
o Finnish programmes
o Russian programmes
- Grigori Dementjev - DSR
- Päivi Korhonen – PDGE

From 9.00 to 16.00
- Why the EU gives so much money for research?
- How do the Research, Technological Development and Innovations programmes
work and where we can use them?
       Programme / project management cycle
- Why can’t we go for the projects alone? How to meet good partners?
       Partnerships – how to meet and sustain good partners
                o Example of partnerships from the projects
- From an idea to a mature project
                o Some examples of real projects that have been implemented
- How to find sources of EU financing?
                o Traps and tricks – how to avoid them?
Lecturer: RR & CO. Knowledge Centre Ltd.
Facilitator: PDGE

From 9.00 to 16.00
- How to describe your research so that you get financing
        State of the art and progress beyond
- How to describe the activities the EU wants
               o Preparation of the work programme
                       § Dissemination
                       § Project Management
- How to get the most money?
               o Introduction to costs
- Questions and answers

Lecturer: RR & CO. Knowledge Centre Ltd.
Facilitator: PDGE



Additional information: 

Grigori Dementjev
head of the international department
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: +7 (812) 600-93-16
tel. (fin.): +358 405487697  
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