International Department

General directions of the international department

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Technical Department

General directions of the technical department

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Finance Department

услуги финансового отделаGeneral directions of the finance department

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Legal Department

General directions of the legal department


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Formulation, checking and coordination of all types of contracts




DSR International Consulting Group offers our clients service of formulation, checking and coordination of the following types of contracts:

  • Turnkey contract
  • Delivery contract
  • Contract of paid rendering services
  • Contract of rent/sublease of a non-residential premise
  • Contract of a monetary loan
  • The vehicle lease contract (with crew / without crew)
  • Contract of purchase and sale of uninhabited real estate
  • Contract of rendering consulting services
  • Contract of rendering legal services
  • Contract of assignment of the right (cession)
  • Contract of transfer of a debt
  • Lease contract of a personal estate
  • Lease contract of the building (construction)
  • Maintenance contract
  • Contract of guarantee
  • Agency contract
  • Assignment contract
  • Commission agreement
  • Contract of delivery with elements of the contract and paid rendering services.

Выявление предпринимательских рисков

Предлагаем услугу Due Diligence, которая поможет выявить, избежать или максимально снизить существующие предпринимательские риски.