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General directions of the international department

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Technical Department

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Finance Department

услуги финансового отделаGeneral directions of the finance department

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Legal Department

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Financial Investigations

finIn modern reality, the service of financial investigation is in especially high demand. It is required mainly by business partners, shareholders, financial auditors, owners, or heirs. Financial investigation helps in finding information concerning:

• Objectivity of the company`s or the business`s finance result
• Economic efficiency of the company`s activity
• Suspected malversation or fraud by management staff of a company or business
• And many other issues.


As part of this service, we offer:

• Analysis of the internal control system for its possible inefficiency and scope for abuse;

• Analysis of purchasing, sales, internal transferal processes, as well as the manufacturing process, in order to find the areas of their inefficiency and minimize risks of embezzlement and malversation;

• Locating contracting parties that are fictitious or affiliated to the management;

• Analysis for facts of inefficient use of financial assets during purchase of raw materials, labour, or services;

• Analysis for facts of selling goods for underestimated prices, and sales or services to customers who are known to be unable to pay for them;

• Definition and analysis of strategies for funneling assets out of a company.