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Financial and Technical Supervision

In accordance with the requirements of the Client`s target specification, we define quantitative and qualitative composition of the expert team for financial and technical supervision.

Our specialists have designed an optimum typical structure for a report of financial and technical supervision. The structure of this report can be altered in accordance with specific features of the Client`s target specification.

The key requirement we have for out experts` reports of financial and technical supervision is that the reported information and related conclusions should be: 

• Complete and sufficient;
• Timely and integral;
• Well-grounded;
• Testable;
• Not controversial (this applies to both single reports of financial and technical supervision and similar reports of previous reporting periods);
• Content should prevail over form;
• Due diligence (i.e. emphasis on acknowledgement and explanation of the project`s threats, weak points and risks, rather than strong points and opportunities).

General standard content of financial and technical supervision reports

Section 1. Description of the Project and sufficiency evaluation of initial permit documentation and construction documents

1.1 Description of the Project
1.2 Structural and organizational plan of the Project
1.3 Legal aspects of the Project implementation
1.4 Project`s budget

Section 2. Current execution of Project works

2.1 Analysis of the true Project schedule compliance
2.2 Detailed analysis of value of work done
2.3 Monitoring of Project works execution
2.4 Monitoring of disencumbrance, recovery of damages, and execution of other additional Project obligations

Section 3. Technical supervision of the Project`s implementation

3.1 Quality control of work organization processes
3.2 On-site survey and quality control of work done
3.3 Organization and technical factors that have negative/positive influence over the Project implementation
3.4 Comments and offers by the Supervising Company

Section 4. Financial supervision of the Project realization

4.1 Analysis of the Project`s budget
4.2 Analysis of the current financing stage of the Project implementation
4.3 Monitoring of intended use of the loan proceeds and budget funds as on the reporting date, including data for the period of report
4.4 Analysis of the Project funding sources
4.5 Financial factors affecting/positively influencing the Project implementation
4.6 Comments and suggestions of the Supervising Company generated as a result of financial supervision of Project implementation

Section 5. Main conclusions on the Project implementation and recommendations of the Supervising Company

Section 6. Analysis of sales and income as per Project

Section 7. Analysis of the property rights pledged to the Investor