International Department

General directions of the international department

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Technical Department

General directions of the technical department

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Finance Department

услуги финансового отделаGeneral directions of the finance department

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Legal Department

General directions of the legal department


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Business Planning

Business planning is expanding its share in the present-day management.
Business planning is a mighty management tool.
Given the circumstances of high risks and overall uncertainty nowadays, managers of modern businesses have a highly responsible approach to business planning; that is why they choose to delegate this task to professionals – specialist companies with necessary practical experience and knowledge.
One of the aims for the business planning is setting up a strategically manageable business, which requires certain depth and cooperation between strategic and operative plans.

The cornerstones for expert business planning are:

• Day to day operation management;
• Development management;
• Change management;
• Business plan implementation monitoring.

Our company offers a wide range of services on elaboration and implementation of business plans.