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Business angels

A tender for the best innovation project

angAmong other services, our company offers the service of a “business angel”, i.e. a private investor who invests in innovational projects at the startup stage in return for a share in the capital and return of investment. A “business angel” is necessary to those who have invented something new and have patented a new product or service but cannot launch it due to the absence of a startup capital. However, an innovational product is not necessarily a technical invention; it could be a new look at an existing product or service. For example, a cafe with unusual service or a car wash may also become an innovation. Basically, you should ask yourself a question: what is new in my offer, and what are its advantages? Therefore, some market research has to be conducted in order to see which products or services are in higher demand. The research could be done both empirically and via internet search. The next step is a business plan and a presentation of the innovational project, which have to be most informative and precise. With these documents in hand, you can start looking for a business angel.

A small company`s project can be financed already at its promotion stage. After Business-angels have invested in a company, its credibility rises considerably, and additional financing from other sources (e.g. venture investment funds) comes in much more easily. The most common scope of investment is from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000.

If you have an innovational project, and you are searching for investors; if your business has just been launched, and your credibility is not very high yet; if you are goal-oriented and have energy to implement your idea – we offer you participation in a competition for the best innovation project, which will be then presented to foreign investors.

Contact us, and our manager will call you back shortly.